Practicing What I Preach

Have you been enjoying the plethora of posts that I have on this blog?  Oh right, not so many to read, right? I have a bit of blog-fright (like stage fright). I have been worried about being judged, using incorrect grammar and not wasting space on the web with anything less than earth-shattering blog posts.

Time to get over myself. 

do what makes u happy JG.jpg

I have a lot to share with folks starting out in their careers: Tools to help get clear about their amazingness and how to bring it into the world and encouragement to stop worrying what other folks think and LIVE YOUR LIFE. I'm taking a dose of my own medicine as I write this post.

I have worked with so many extraordinary young professionals and continue to cheer them on their journey of sharing their greatest gifts with the world. It's one of the biggest reasons I chose to work with young professionals. Their energy, determination and hope are contagious.

I wish I had someone like me to talk with when I was in my 20's. There was SO. MUCH. PRESSURE back then.  I put it on myself and it would have been a relief to have someone outside my circle tell me that things will be ok - really ok. No, really.

It's ok if I might not have believed them in that moment. I definitely would have brought their words of wisdom with me.

So, I give you (and remind myself) the same advice: Everything will be ok. Really.

And it's ok if you don't believe me right at this moment.  ;)