Circumstances and Your Power

Humans have thoughts about circumstances.

Most humans believe that circumstances dictate the way they feel.

This is problematic: If we allow something outside of us dictate how we feel - we have no power to change it.

If you’re like me, your brain is rebelling right now, at that sentence. OF COURSE I CAN CHANGE IT. I CAN CHANGE ANYTHING. I AM POWERFUL! I hear you - my brain took a while to sign on to this way of thinking. i TRULY believed that work was causing me to overeat and feel miserable, and felt the only way to change it was to change my work situation.

The thought left me completely disempowered.

Circumstances are facts that everyone in the universe would agree in a court of law, about the circumstance. They are neutral until we have a thought about it.

Here are some examples of circumstances:

  • People, no matter what relationship we have with them: Including mothers, mother in laws, spouses, children, bosses, doctors, political figures, friends

  • Finances

  • Work

  • Where you live

  • Anything in our past

  • What people say (to us)

  • TV shows

  • Schools and recreation activities

  • Health conditions

The thoughts we have about circumstances dictate our state of being.

This is truly magic, you guys. Once we sign on to it, it gives us all the power back to choose our feelings.

Why is this great news? Because then we get to DECIDE what we want to feel and ultimately do versus feeling trapped by a situation.

I’ll be blogging more about this because it changes everything - and may take some time for your brain to accept this as a possibility for you. (I know it did for me!)

Until then, start noticing circumstances in the world, and if you’re having powerful or disempowering thoughts about them.



jen gotti