Achieve Your Goals

It's that time again.

Making goals and hoping that this year will be THE year to finally accomplish that thing that has been looming over your head, like a dark cloud.

Instead of the same old goals... try making a list of how you would like to FEEL.  It's an empowering way to reach your goals.

Some of my desired feelings are healthy, delighted and in flow.  A few years ago, I would have listed lose weight, have more fun, and chill out.  I wouldn't have focused on my feeling states, instead, making a list like a sargeant. As you can probably guess, achieving those goals was a lot harder.

When I write down my desired feelings, it's a lot easier to achieve on a regular basis.  And, it doesn't feel so overwhelming.

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P.S.  If you're ready to show up for yourself, achieve your goals and rock our your life, let's work together!

jen gotti