❤ I have been lucky enough to be guided by her both in production and life coaching and can not recommend her highly enough for either. Professionally and personally, Jen Gotti is an amazing person to be connected with. -Amy B., Entrepreneur and Yogini, Amber Tree Retreats

❤ On top of being smart, calm, cool and collected...Jen is kind. She treats those around her with the utmost respect... -Emily M., Journalist

❤ The best thing about working with Jen Gotti is she makes me laugh ! Also -- she's a non biased person listening to me discuss my relationships and helping me see another point of view. -Janet S.

❤ The best thing about working with Jen Gotti is the positive energy and acceptance. -A.G., Journalist

❤ She was a GREAT mentor and so much fun to be around. You Rock, Jen! - Lorena Estrada, News Anchor, Journalist

❤ "She took time to listen, and I knew that I could trust whatever guidance she offered me. During our Olympic shows in Beijing, she asked me about my goals. I told her one of them was to meet with a foreign correspondent whose career I admired, and she responded by connecting me with him and offering other suggestions. If you have Jen in your corner, you are set!" -Wesley O., TV Producer

❤ Jen Gotti has helped me out tremendously in the short time that I've known her. Since we met she has given me invaluable advice that I could never repay her for. I would definitely recommend Jen as a life coach, boss, and most importantly, friend. -Jess K., Production Manager

❤ "The simple fact is that Jen is that go-to person you always want on your team. She is self motivated, driven, dedicated...  It was a pleasure to work with Jen for as long as I did and will consider it lucky to get the chance again." -Keith B., TV Executive

❤ "Jen is the best; cool, decisive, smart, knows her stuff and is fun to be around. I would drive through a fire for her... well, actually we turned around. But if she told me we'd be okay to do it, I'd trust her completely." - Stephanie B., TV Producer

❤ "Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team!" -Teya M., Yogini & Executive Producer, Letca Films

❤ "I was blown away by her creativity, drive, and vivacity. Above all, Jen is fantastic at bringing out your best work. She makes you want to give your best, even in the face of exhaustion and stress.." -Eleanor L., International Rescue Committee

❤ Jen has a warm, friendly and inspiring personality. It is these qualities that make her unique and are reflected both in her work and colleagues. -Maria Z., Teacher

❤ "Jen showed her great people/interpersonal skills, her sensitivity and respect to different cultures and working environments that I think helped our project to succeed. ...she is also very kind and a good mentor." -Waan C., Journalist

❤ "Working with Jen was by far one of the best working and learning experiences for me. It's not often that you meet someone in the production industry who actually cares about your progress and makes sure that you further yourself beyond that present gig. Not to mention... she's HILARIOUS!" -Dawn H., Project Supervisor

❤ Jen's strong interpersonal skills and her palpable problem solving capacity are some of her unique qualities that most notably translate in her ability to motivate her team. Jen is not just one of those rare managers who successfully run multiple tasks with creativity, honesty, integrity, attention to detail, analytical and strategic thinking skills, trustworthiness and dedication. -Maria N., Marketing Professional