The 6-Week Jump Start

All my clients start with this 6-week program.
It’ll teach you the foundation of my approach to ELIMINATING THE BATTLE WITH ANXIETY.


It’ll teach you the foundation of my approach to managing anxiety.


What does it take to manage anxiety?

  • Consistency

  • Patience & Self-compassion

  • Committing to new habits

  • Willingness not to numb out

  • Recover from set-backs with curiosity

My approach isn’t a quick fix. My guess is you may have tried one of those, felt better and then had a setback.

If you’re ready for a sustainable plan that you can follow for the rest of your life, then you’re ready for the 6-Week Jump Start.


At the end of this 6-week program, you will have:

• More mental space and way less MIND drama

• A plan that works for your UNIQUE SELF body and your INDIVIDUAL goals

• More energy and alertness

• A strategy to deal with ANXIETY, instead of being a victim to them

• Tools to start again after a slipup

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6 week overview:

Week 1: Identify your anxiety and worry triggers and build awareness of your daily habits.

Week 2: Learn the three most powerful tools for managing your mind.

Week 3: Remove these two things from your life and feel better fast.

Week 4: Learn how to deal constructively with stressors and triggers.

Week 5: Respond to obstacles in a healthy way.

Week 6: Live from your future self: how do you think, feel, and act when you’re not at the mercy of your anxiety?

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