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I'm a life coach that works with spirited, wicked funny, hardworking women that want to improve their lives, but are too busy to know how to even start.

I feel passionately about helping women reclaim their life and confidence because I was once there.  I struggled with emotions, binge-eating, feeling like I had to suck it up and isolate myself - all in order to succeed at work.  I was fueled by resentment because I believed that everyone else had a "successful" life and I didn't.  It was a painful and exhausting way to exist.

I have figured out a process to help women improve their life and want to share that with you.

I am dual-certified through Martha Beck Inc. (best known for her work with Oprah and O Magazine) and The Life Coach School by Master Certified Coach & Instructor, Brooke Castillo. Both programs were an intensive study on powerful coaching tools and methodologies to relieve suffering and struggle and to increase ease, satisfaction and joy in clients' lives. I have also studied under Master Certified Coach, Susan Hyatt.

I thought I was eternally stuck in a place where I'd always be working 24/7- feeling like I would never have the happiness that other people had. I wished for someone who had experienced the same craziness to magically enter my life and help me create a road map to a better-feeling place.

I'm proud of the program that I've created to help my clients create a road map to achieve their version of success - on their own terms.  For more on my thoughts and process, check out my blog.

I work with clients over Zoom, Skype or the phone. No matter where you are in the world, we can work together. In-between sessions, you will be supported every step of the way through email.  Click here to see what some former clients have said about working with me.

Interested in working together? Sign up for a free 20 minute mini-session where we talk about what's going on for you and I'll explain more about the plan to help you achieve whatever goal you desire!



Jen Gotti is a life coach on a mission to help spirited, wicked funny women improve their lives. She takes the tools she used in her 20+ years in broadcast television/project manager position and marries them with coaching tools so that her clients experience a dynamic and powerful coaching experience.  Clients have said "The best thing about working with Jen Gotti is the positive energy and acceptance".