May Challenge: Taking Care of Myself (#TCOM) When It's Hard

So it's week 2 of the May Challenge and I'm not going to lie - self-care was easy to push to the back burner this week. It was effortless to slip into old patterns of putting other people and other tasks in front of taking care of myself.

In the moment, I forget that I have a choice - that I always have a choice. I get caught-up in a whirlwind of my thoughts that I need to do/be _______________________ (fill in the blank).

I temporarily forget that I am worthy of my attention and love.

The visual weekly wrap-up: Last week I took care of myself by walking daily with my dog, sleeping/napping* when I felt tired, spoke my truth, and when things felt like a lot, I showed myself compassion. 

How do you show yourself compassion when life is hard? 

I take care of myself by _______________________________________________.

When I do _____________________ for myself, I feel _______________________.

When life gets overwhelming, I can _______________________ to take care of myself.

How's your self-care going? Tell me - I'm all ears.

~jen gotti











* beautiful "Mixed Media Sleeping Beauty" by Melanie Hughes, Jan. 20, 2010 was used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.