May Challenge: Take Care of Myself #TCOM

Hi lovelies. Each day in May I'm making a conscious effort to take care of myself through the good and the challenging. I will drop a line each week to let you know how it's going.

I can see a real difference in my emotions, eating and general well-being when I take some time to take care of me. Especially when challenging situations arise.

This week was a great time to start this journey because I had many opportunities to decide which way I wanted to go: put a smile on my face and force myself through an experience or to truly listen to myself and make a decision that supports my well-being.

Here are 3 of my favorite tools to help savor the moment:

Insight Timer - Meditation Timer

Smithsonian Zoo Animal Cams - pandas are my current favorite!

A pep talk

Join me on the journey - start wherever you are. Tell me how you cultivate a self-care practice, if it's easy or difficult it is and why you're doing it, in the comments below.

~jen gotti  :)


The first days of May #TCOM were filled with taking a few minutes between doctor appointments to admire the beautiful magnolias, start strength-training, have lunch with a friend (that gave me a beautiful candle!), allow myself to cry (that's not me in the picture... i didn't think to take a picture of myself while I was upset!), and to take my dog, Lucy, for a walk.

jen gotti