Choose Your Thoughts: You've Got Options

Choosing our thoughts starts with awareness that we have the ability to do so.

I've decided to share a series of posts that demonstrates this, with the intention that practice makes perfect.

CIRCUMSTANCE:   Snow.  (It snowed last night in New Jersey.)


I hate snow.
What a freaking hassle.
It looks beautiful.
I love snow.
I hate the cold.
I'm glad it's Sunday.
My husband and dog love the snow.
Snow brings all the neighbors out.
Our snow blower is amazing.
Great day for a fire (in the fireplace)!
It's so messy.
I hate being cold.
I can stay inside and get a lot of things done.

If I choose a negative thought, you can guess how I'll feel and move through the world.

I can't necessarily get behind, "I love snow," because it isn't true for me.

But, I can choose, "My husband and dog love the snow,"  and this thought makes me feel happy.

Find a circumstance and try it out.  List all your thoughts and then consciously choose one that ultimately makes you feel good.

If you want to practice this on a regular basis and get personalized support, set-up a mini-session.

Choose well, my friends!  :)


jen gotti