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Negative Emotion Is Part of Life

jen gotti

As much as we try to avoid it (and as a society, we reallllly try to avoid it), negative emotion is part of the human experience.

I wish someone had told me this - it would have saved me a TON of time resisting negative emotion, which just created MORE negative emotion.  I spent a lot of time numbing out in order to not feel.  I wasn't aware that not numbing out the negative also numbed out true joy.

I was so afraid that if I leaned into my sadness, that I'd fall into an abyss and never make it back.  My sadness felt overwhelming and unending.

I wish I had known that an emotion lasts only 90 seconds in your body.

I wish I had known that I have power over my emotions. I truly thought that my emotions ruled me --  and they did for a long time.  I wasn't aware that I could consciously change my thoughts, and in turn change my emotion. 

My life is changed because I learned these lessons, and that life includes a range of emotions - and all of it is ok.  It is all part of the (human) experience.